The Cost of Maintenance

The Cost of Maintenance

We all want to do better, grow, and expand. We want to make new friends, visit new places, and create new relationships. We want a house full of love, and we want to be seen as superhumans for achieving all the things we post on Instagram that other people envy. But what we do not take into account is the cost of maintenance. It’s easy to buy a beautiful, run-down house (not that they are easily available in the Winelands or that the interest rates make it easy for us to do so). The difficult part comes with maintaining the property. Ask me, I know. Our beautiful heritage house where our Somerset West office is located is constantly under maintenance. It’s a never-ending story. Just as I thought that I had sealed and painted all the cracks, another appears on a different wall. Just as I thought that all the hinges on the old doors are sorted, another one gives in. We have big, beautiful old windows, but poor Luxon, our gardener, needs to clean them every single day.

It’s the same with relationships. We can create new friends, be good colleagues, or become parents. But the real strength is to maintain the new responsibility that you must carry (that is if you deem it important or not). To maintain relationships, we need to be trustworthy, do what we say we will do, and be reliable. Our coworkers need to feel safe in our presence, and your employees need to feel secure. Our kids need to feel that they matter, and our elderly parents need to feel that they are still part of our lives. But all of this needs constant maintenance. This is where I think about our NG KERK Dominee, telling my wife and myself on our wedding day, that love is a verb. Which is exactly what maintaining the things you want to, is all about.

Because the cost of maintaining the things you love is way less than replacing them.

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We would like to wish Dr. Tilana Swartz good luck with the start of her diploma in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry. This is being pursued at the prestigious Implant & Aesthetic Academy in Cape Town, run by world-renowned Dr. Howard Gluckman and Dr. Mark Bowes. The diploma will enable Dr. Swartz to treat more advanced cases requiring severely broken or worn-down teeth and provide cosmetic solutions for patients who want to improve their smile.