Now and then, a restart is all that is needed. This advice is not from a life coach or a psychologist as you might expect (not that I am the type for that sort of thing. A surfboard and some proper waves will do the trick for me), but it is from Rikkie, yip, my IT guy.

But his eleven words of worldly wisdom stuck with me. Not only does it help with our computers, Wi-Fi, routers and printers, all the IT things, but many other aspects of our lives. Sometimes, you cannot kick or shake a device to start working correctly. This is no different to how it works with the most important machine; ourselves.

From being mentally healthy and strong to being fit and flexible, we are neglecting the device that will either make our lives easier or a lot like hell. We constantly repeat the story of sacrifice to justify not looking after ourselves. But the irony is that once we have realised that we should have prioritised ourselves more, it is almost always too late, contributing to possible depression and despair that already exists.

We should change the story to more self-care and less self-negligence. I can only take care of my family, friends, co-workers and colleagues after I have taken care of myself. It’s like the safety instructions before taking off on a flight. Put your oxygen mask on first and then help other people.

Let us use the end-of-the-year holidays to shut down – to recover, to rest, to reflect and to restart.

We will be closed from 23rd Dec until 9th Jan. Safe travels and enjoy the festive season.