Life Chapters

Life Chapters

The first six months of 2023 have been chaotic for the Borman family. Our eldest daughter started Grade One. However, do not let this fool you. Be warned. One cannot fathom what a different tempo of life this has caused. Life went from second gear to fifth gear, and we are barely holding on.

One moment, the official sport was wrestling with dad, and now it’s playing netball, doing gymnastics, and even wanting to learn to play the electric guitar (yes, not a quitar, but an electric guitar…). One moment, it was just chilling after daycare, but now my wife is nagging and bribing to finish homework before load shedding starts. One moment, my daughter firmly believed I was a pirate, and now there’s a moment of questioning everything that has been told to her.

But like chapters in a book, we have specific times in our lives for certain things. Not accepting that will punish yourself and prevent you from enjoying the present moments. Dwelling on nostalgia will only make you sad. Instead, we should foster the memories that have been made and look forward to the new ones lying ahead.

In practice, there is also a new chapter coming up soon. Business is much like a family — making memories, going through struggles, learning from your mistakes, laughing and crying together, and hopefully becoming mature enough to look after itself. And like a family, new blood needs to enter to make it sustainable. More information on this will be provided soon.

Winter is almost finished (we all certainly hope so), and it looks like spring wants to say hello. If we can accept the seasons, I believe we are more than capable of accepting the life chapters we have been blessed with.

Some inside info

Dr Tilana Swartz, my associate dentist, has kept herself busy the past couple of weeks with several training courses. One on digital dentistry and the other on dental implantology. As you know, quality dentistry is how we create trust and therefore we are always on the forefront of technology and how we can improve ourselves.

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