Embrace the Struggle

Embrace the Struggle

As South Africans, we’d have made Charles Darwin blush with how swiftly we adapt to the daily struggles. It’s evolution on steroids for survival in this country. Because if we don’t, well, I don’t need to tell you what happens to the losing side in the battle of the fittest. But if you can allow me to express what I think might happen to the losers, it’s a slow death. Not a quick and pain-free one, but an agonizingly slow and miserable end (slightly gloomy for a first paragraph in the festive season’s newsletter, but bear with me). We usually don’t let the girls watch television before school; otherwise, we’ll be running later than the current lateness we are running to get them ready. But we’ve started to watch some mornings of the wildlife shows on Netflix while eating breakfast (and who can’t have a good start to their day with the voice of Morgan Freeman while two bull elephants are fighting?). This morning wildlife and Blue Planet fix is mostly for me, as I find immense peace in nature, but also to expose the girls to the not-so-beautiful parts of the natural world. I want them to see that nature can be brutal and merciless.

And this made me think. To survive in nature, it’s all about struggling. You need to struggle to grow stronger, find a mate, produce offspring, and then teach your offspring to overcome the struggle to ensure your species will survive. And this can be applied to many aspects of our modern life. We need to embrace the struggles we face every day, as this makes us stronger, more fit, and more capable of overcoming future difficulties. We should also include our children in the struggles we face so that they too can learn and grow. Angela Duckworth, psychologist, and author of the book “Grit,” said her studies have shown the one single characteristic to ensure success is resilience. The strength to persevere.

Creating Winelands Dentistry was and is still not without its issues. Like Morgan Housel said, “Running your own business is like eating glass while being punched in the face,” especially trying to do it in a country with an incompetent government. But for that, I am grateful. Our current circumstances make us tough and innovative to overcome the daily challenges we face. Basically, we are becoming more resilient. South Africans can grind, and we have developed a very high level of grit. There is a good reason why South Africans are in global demand for our work ethic and overcoming seemingly impossible difficulties.

Thus, embrace the struggle, grow stronger, and don’t be late for school.

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