Creating Trust

Creating Trust

One thing that has truly made me ponder is how our own children are capable of placing absolute trust in us. No second thoughts, no indecision. Just pure trust.

When our children were babies and cried, they simply trusted either their mom or me (but mostly their mom…) to change their diapers or feed them. When I playfully swung my girls around as toddlers, they just trusted me not to let them get hurt and to have fun. When they felt sick, they did and still do trust us when we say that everything will be all right as we give them some medication and lots of hugs. When one of them fell out of a tree, they trusted us to reassure them that it happens to all of us, and they should try climbing the tree again. By allowing our children to trust us, we trust them to grow up independently and survive in our sometimes hostile society.

But how is trust created, and more importantly, how is it maintained? Well, common sense tells me that you only have one chance to create a solid foundation for a trusting relationship, almost like a first impression. If you fail in that initial interaction, it’s not a good way to start. If you fail again, trust is broken.

However, if you do succeed in creating trust, the hard part is maintaining it, much like a reputation. One can have 10 years of doing all the right things, but one misstep, and your reputation goes out the window. As in any relationship, I believe trust should be seen as a verb. We need to constantly work to maintain trust.

Mediclinic has a good slogan: “Expertise you can trust.” And this resonates with me. Long-term relationships, word of mouth, and quality dentistry are how we create and maintain trust at our practice.

Inside Info

We would like to congratulate Mieshka, our trusted dental hygienist, on her engagement. We would also like to extend a warm welcome and congratulations to our newest staff member, Anastacia, who has joined our team as a dental nurse and received her diploma just last week.